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Row As Iyabo Ojo Sues Yomi Fabiyi Demands N100m For Defamation

Row As Iyabo Ojo Sues Yomi Fabiyi, Demands N100m For Defamation

Iyabo Ojo, a well-known Nollywood actress, has filed a lawsuit against Yomi Fabiyi, a colleague.

She sought N100 million in damages as a result of his “defamatory writing.”

According to The Country, Fabiyi staged a protest on Wednesday to demand the release of Baba Ijesha, who is being held on bail for allegedly molesting a minor.

Defamatory remarks attributed to Ojo were inscribed on some placards during Fabiyi’s protest, according to a letter written by Ojo’s lawyers, The Maverick Forte Legal.

“Nigeria Police, please allow the law to dictate to you, not Iyabo Ojo, Princess, and co; Please release Baba Ijesha,” one of the placards read.

“Iyabo Ojo and Princess vowed to destroy Baba Ijesha if they were released on bail in this era?” read another.

Ojo, on the other hand, denied making any statements aimed at assassinating Baba Ijesha or interfering with the Nigeria Police Force’s duties.

“Take further notice that as a result of your false, odious, malicious, vexatious, and ludicrous statement and publication against our client, which were broadcasted through your Instagram handle, viewed by a large number of people, and further published by several online blogs and newspaper outlets stemming from your orchestrated smear campaign against our client, which were broadcasted through your Instagram handle, viewed by a large number of people, and further published by several online blogs and

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“It is necessary to state that your defamatory publication has diminished our client’s reputation among right-thinking members of society.

‘’Our client has also experienced significant stigmatization by business partners, mental anguish, restlessness, public ridicule, emotional distress, professional indignation, extreme psychological trauma, vilification, and financial losses as a result of clients and consumers abruptly withdrawing their patronage.”

Within 14 days, Ojo’s attorneys requested that Fabiyi “publish a complete retraction of the said defamatory publication on his Instagram handle for seven consecutive days and admit that the accusations are baseless, misleading, and completely defamatory of client’s character.”

They went on to say that the retraction and public apologies should be distributed and released by several media outlets.

They also requested that Fabiyi “stops making new, additional, or defamatory publications against our client on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social networking, social messaging blog, and/or print media outlets.”

“In addition, N100 million must be compensated as damages for our client’s unjustified injuries and losses incurred by your defamatory publication.”

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However, during an Instagram live session in response to the legal action, Fabiyi confirmed that the actress would not receive any money from him.

He went on to say that Ojo couldn’t serve him a legal letter via social media.

“How will I get N100 million? Which property do I need to sell? If you write N100m, they can (by themselves) reduce the money to N10m until they get all of the people involved in the case.

“At the end of the day, they wouldn’t get a penny from me,” he said.

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