One thing that has stocked in my mind and heart since the beginning of the year is PREPARATION.
In our day to day activities, we can’t do without preparation. There is saying that says if you don’t plan, you’ve planned to fail. Plans start with preparation.
Preparation is the mother of success. My father, Debo Adeleye will say to me
Preparation is the mother of manifestation’.
Success will never be successful without preparation. Some define success as Preparation meeting Opportunity. That’s to tell you the place of preparation.
Pilot Daniel Okwara in his teaching during the #TalkaHolicPowerUpCamp practically thought us about preparation and since then it stocked in my memory.
I want to become a doctor… Prepare
I want to become the richest man in my generation… Prepare
I want to share the stage with great entertainers of this world… Prepare.
It doesn’t come by dreams or mere saying or even with prophecy.
However, Something happened in my city, the governor hosted an event titled ‘A Night with the governor’, featuring entertainers from other states and indigenous and arts who base in the state weren’t featured. Some got angry, some picked offence, some criticized the event. I wasn’t featured also. In the midst of the panic, I asked myself a simple question ‘Am I prepared to perform before the governor and other noblemen of the society again and again?
This is because when I start performing before governors and noblemen,  I won’t stop going to government house and other noble functions again and again. The answer I got within myself was you’re ‘PRE’ not Prepared. Checking my materials, It won’t take me there again and again. Therefore, I need to prepare properly which I am doing already.


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Preparation is a gradual process, it could take 6months, 1year, 5years, 20 years, etc as the case may be.
Let me give an instance of Joseph in the Bible. Before Joseph met king pharaoh in the palace when pharaoh needed an interpreter to interpret his dream. Joseph gradually prepared, shaving his beads, change his clothes, Looked smart and wore a good smelling perfume.
Do you think king pharaoh would have made him a Prime Minister if he was wearing prisoners clothing?
He took the time to prepare himself even when the king needed him urgently. Preparation is the mother of success. You want to be the next president, governor, senator, etc and you don’t belong to any political party. Then You’re are not prepared at all. Prophesy follows a preparatory process.
Preparation is to exploit your energy for something with an arrangement of creating steps to achieve a decent result.
You want to become this or that PREPARE!!!
#MentalSHiFT #MentalDrive #Prepare
I am Son OF man
NOTE:  Lack of proper preparation through artful short-cuts, in the long run, doesn’t pay off and will give unwanted results. 

What are your thoughts? Let’s Hear them o the comment section.

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