Sound Sultan Exits Motherland

Sound Sultan Exits Motherland

SIR: Olanrewaju Omo Fasasi aka Sound Sultan, may have joined his ancestors but his songs will continue to speak about the monstrous problems which face motherland as he loves to call Nigeria. Through his works, he diagnosed Nigeria’s problems and proffered solutions to them but such interventions do not matter to callous leadership structure. The hunters (parasitic leadership) failed to heed his philosophic submission that a day will come when the bushmeat will turn around to catch the hunters. Today, Sound Sultan leaves motherland at the time the bushmeat (uncared for children of the masses pushed to the margins of the society by their callous political, religious and parasitic elite) is hunting their hunters. It is now crystal clear that the crumbling sky is not one man’s problem as fear of insecurity covers the land and criminals have partitioned and restructured the country along criminal enclaves.

Indeed, the insignificant and uneducated bandits cum terrorists and their kidnapping comrades have become major factors driving policies in President Muhammadu Buhari’s Nigeria. The idiocy of successive handlers of Nigeria is shaking the country’s faulty foundation.

The problem of insecurity has made many Nigerians to continue to explore opportunities abroad and government is rallying them for remittances. This brain drain gained momentum during military misadventure over Nigeria. In his Classic, Motherland, Sound Sultan showed his undying love for Nigeria’s development. He advised those who have travelled abroad to remember motherland. He reminds them not to forget the investment of those they left behind who contributed to their emigration.

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He observes that Nigeria is run by cliques and cabals who steal common patrimony while the masses lack electricity and water among other social amenities. While the roads are bad, Sound Sultan fumes that the parasitic leadership fly in the sky. Flying in this sense also shows how far they are from the realities on ground. To this iconic musician, despite suffering neglect and hunger, the children of the masses maintained their sanity until the time they decided to catch their hunters and fight back against the system that brought out the beast in them.

Hear Sound Sultan in Bushmeat: “see one day bushmeat go catch the hunter, one day bushmeat go catch the hunter…see them flying for dem aero plane, on top all the pains my people dey maintain, I don tire to dey explain, pikin wey never chop sef dey complain, water and light na yawa, yawa, everywhere just dark no power, the only pawa wey dem get na aim dem dey take dey oppress ooooo, what could be the answer, it could have been we don’t matter to them because dem chop your money, my money every other person money, e ba mi ki gbe Ole…Ole…Ole….Barawo! dem dem na aim my pipu sabi, dem dem everything na padi padi, everybody must know somebody to grow oooo….e bami kigbe Ole!”

The state of affairs in Nigeria is one in which bushmeat in the form of bandits, terrorists, ethnic militia, kidnappers are hunting their hunters and not sparing of those who voted irresponsible leadership. To the bushmeat, the hunters are both those who hold the levers of power and those who sustain their terror reigns through voting and those who sold their future for temporal gratification in the form of stomach infrastructure. Sound Sultan leaves behind a country where you can steal, kidnap, abduct, and face no state clampdown as long as you do not say you want to break away from Nigeria or pursue self-determination. In fact, bandits and kidnappers who not only kill hapless citizens and security agencies but live on ransom economy have been elevated to executive status with defined territories such that residents and farmers have to pay to get security because the state has not shown capacity to secure her people from national and transnational criminals.

Sad enough, bandits strapping A-47 around their neck, now take pictures with government functionaries and associates of clannish comrade. However, the victims criminal herdsmen and tribal bandits in southern Nigeria dare not defend themselves, rather; they are being coerced to stomach injustices and sacrifice their lives to keep Nigeria one. This is the sociology of restructuring and self-determination agitations.

To sum up, Sound Sultan speaks truth to power through his songs characterizing Nigeria as a jungle under the control of cheaters, hyenas and the greedy. Olanrewaju was not given to singing anti-social songs to reach stardom; he was in a class of his own as a master musician and social crusader.

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