The NCC will host a 5G spectrum auction on December 13 with a reserve price of $197.4 million.

According to the Nigerian Communications Commission, the spectrum auction for 5G services will take place on December13, 2021. (NCC).

The reserve price for the 3.5GHz spectrum auction has been set at $197.4 million, according to Oluwatoyin Asaju, Director of Spectrum Administration at the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), who made the announcement at a stakeholders’ consultative session in Lagos on Thursday November 4.

While a simulated auction will take place on December10,2021, the actual event will apparently feature an ascending clock auction procedure.

Asaju stated:

“A reserve price of about N75 billion (Seventy-five billion) Naira alone, equivalent to US$197,400,000.00, is to be utilized. “In keeping with the last auction, an Initial Bid Deposit (IBD) of 10% of the reserve price is to be used.”

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