Things You Never Knew About David Hundeyin

David Hundeyin

Things You Never Knew About David Hundeyin

Who Is David Inyene-Obong Hundeyin?

A writer, travel addict and journalist majoring in politics, tech and finance. His work spans a number of international print and broadcast platforms including The Africa Report, CNN Africa, Channels Television, Business Day, PlusTV Africa and Yahoo Finance.

He started his career in Business Consulting and Marketing before segueing into writing. He was a founding writer on ‘The Other News.’ Nigeria’s first prime time political satire TV show with nearly 2 million weekly viewers.

David Hundeyin

His work on ‘The Other News‘ was featured in the New Yorker Magazine and in the Netflix documentary ‘Larry Charles Dangerous World of ComedyEpisode 4. He was also nominated by the U.S. State Department to take part in the 2019 Edward R. Murrow Program for journalists under the International Visitors Leadership Program.

He currently write 3 weekly columns in addition to his investigative and reporting work. Another important point to note about him, he uncovered and exposed Isa Pantami to the world as an Islamist sympathiser and now exposing the possible politicians behind the killers who murdered Hiny Umoren.

His Twitter Handle – @DavidHundeyin.

According to a twitter User “DR.PENKING™ #JusticeForHinyUmoren’, she stated that he single-handedly solved a murder case an unearthed a criminal gang with his own pocket money. Something that IGP of Police has not been able to use huge federal allocation to do after the case was officially handed to over to him.

David Inyene-Obong Hundeyin Biography

David Hundeyin (born 6 May 1990) whose real full name is David Inyene-Obong Nugboyon Oluwaseun ‘Dario’ Hundeyin, is a Nigerian born Writer, journalist, Twitter Influencer and researcher with a body of work in Marketing, Media Production, Politics and Business Consulting.

Name: David Hundeyin

Full Name: David Inyene-Obong Nugboyon Oluwaseun ‘Dario’ Hundeyin

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is David Hundeyin from? David Hundeyin mother is from Ikot-Ekpene in Akwa Ibom.

David Hundeyin middle name is from his mom’s side (Ikot-Ekpene).

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: David Hundeyin was born on 6 May 1990.

David Hundeyin celebrated his 30th birthday on 6th May 2020.

David Hundeyin will celebrate his 31st birthday on 6 May 2021.

Height: How tall is David Hundeyin?

Religion, Jehovah’s Witness: David Hundeyin late father was a Jehovah’s witness.

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: David Hundeyin father is late. His mother hails from Ikot-Ekpene in Akwa Ibom.

Father: David Hundeyin father, David Fakunle Hundeyin, died in 2017.

Father’s Death: David Hundeyin while writing on his father’s death on his Instagram page, wrote

Dad…the reason I exist and the man who gave me everything I needed to be all that I am and will be. I went to bed last night hoping I would wake up and discover that yesterday didn’t happen. But I woke up and you are still gone.

The worst part of it wasn’t getting that dreadful phone call asking me to come to the house immediately. It wasn’t walking in to find you in my old room on my bed unresponsive and unconscious. It wasn’t racing through Ogudu GRA with my wife looking for a hospital and an ambulance. It wasn’t struggling to lift all 120kg of you to take you downstairs…and failing. It wasn’t waiting for the doctor and ambulance to arrive. It wasn’t when the doctor took me aside to tell me it was over, and to contact other family members. It wasn’t signing on the death certificate at the morgue. It wasn’t even seeing my sisters and mum huddled together crying while I had to hold it together somehow.

You know the worst thing dad? I never got to say goodbye. You gave me everything in this world including your first name, and I never got to tell you that I love you and I am proud of you. 

I’ll still go to bed tonight hoping I imagined all this, but I know I will wake up without my father tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that.

I love you dad. I have no words.

David Fakunle Hundeyin. 05/01/1951 – 03/06/2017.”

Recalling the death of his dad and what happened after his father’s death, David Hundeyin wrote on Twitter:

When my dad was gasping his last breaths (on my bed in the room that used to be mine when I was growing up), one woman was more concerned with telling me “Shebi this is what you wanted?” instead of trying to get an ambulance.

Point scoring > saving your husband of 37 years’ life.

In the name of point scoring because of one stupid American religion, this person kept me away from my dad’s funeral preparations.

She couldn’t even access his funds, but she preferred to keep me away than than have me around to sort things out.

I should now “forgive” her.

This person connived with the quack lawyer to have a dodgy document dated May 2003 which they claimed was my dad’s will read out in my absence. Even though I live 10 minutes away.

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Shock, surprise, the supposed will vested everything in her, as if I cared.

Didn’t even put a headstone on the man’s grave. And somehow it’s always my duty to “forgive” an abominable human being, according to every unsolicited “peacemaker” who wades in.

Forgiveness is a sin.”

David Hundeyin Remembers His Father: David Hundeyin on 4th June 2020 remembered his late dad on Instagram. Sharing photo of his father, he wrote:

It’s been 3 years. Still think about you everyday. Don’t cry as much, maybe because I’m getting more and more used to losing people.

Since I lost you, I’ve lost two friends, been in a car accident where someone died, terminated a marriage and gone through a near death experience. I’m becoming more and more accustomed to the idea of everything being temporary.

I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not, but it is some type of growth. I’m not depressed, or at least I don’t think I am. I’m just resigned to the post-you reality of what life now is. I still model a lot of myself on the man you were. I wish I could have had more time with you to just drink you in and be more like you in so many ways.

But here we are, separated permanently and joined only by memories. There’s a Portuguese word for how I feel – “saudade.” A mixture of melancholy, sadness, nostalgia and acceptance. Things are what they are, and no one can change the past.

I still love you with every inch of the ferocity I did when you were here. That will never change. The world might forget and move on, but I will never move on from you. You’ll just become part of the fabric of what makes me, me.

I will never forget you daddy.”

David Hundeyin Shares Funny Story About His Parents

David Hundeyin shared funny story about his parents – mother and father: “Ugh, my dad and mum used the most awful euphemisms to talk about sex, and it was horrible because I understood it every single time!🤦🏾😭😭

I remember one time when I was 11 or 12, dad was calling mom to come upstairs talmbout “Je a lo je buredi wa” 😭😭😭🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾😱🙉🤦🏾🤦🏾”

Wife: Who is David Hundeyin wife and her name? David Hundeyin got married to his wife at the age of 25 years old after dating for two years.

Marriage, Divorce: David Hundeyin and his wife are no more together as they are divorced. David Hundeyin marriage has broken down irretrievably.

David Hundeyin marriage lasted for 3 years. He divorced 3 years after because of constant emotional abuse from his wife.

Ex Wife – David Hundeyin Ex Wife: David Hundeyin writes about his ex wife who allegedly abused him and wanted to kill him:

“Lol. Can’t forget some weeks before the final split when my ex-wife told me (calmly, with a straight face) that she daydreams about stabbing me because I left my plate on the sofa after eating.”.

“Until you experience it, you won’t believe that a man can be a spousal abuse victim. The way your heart sinks in the car on the way home every night because you KNOW what is waiting for you on the other side of the door. The way you feel completely isolated and alone because nobody would ever understand or believe what you’re going through…,”

“The number of times I would just get into the car and drive away without saying where I was going (habit I picked up from watching my dad go through the same thing). And worst of all, using sex as a bargaining chip and a weapon. 

That I’m here intact and with no long term damage done after 5 years of that (including being cheated on a number of times) is something that I find amazing.”

“I could see that coming, so I made my exit preparations. Told her I’d move to Abuja and leave everything for her. As in, bought a flight ticket and everything. Then I came back from the office some weeks later on a Friday and she was gone. Actually sank to the floor in relief😌”

“When I moved house, I chose a pre-furnished apartment so I could get rid of all the stuff that reminded me of that period, because that shit scarred me. Imagine sharing a home with someone who will go silent on you for 11 days at a go. Acting like a goddamn serial killer😕”

She was the victim” – Friends accuse David Hundeyin of lying against his ex-wife and accusing her of abuse

Nigerian writer David Hundeyin took to Twitter to accuse his ex-wife of emotional abuse.

David, 29, said his ex said she day dreamed of stabbing him because he left his plate on the sofa after eating. He added that he met his ex during NYSC, married her when he was 25, and divorced 3 years after because of constant emotional abuse from her.

But Twitter users who claim to know the ex-couple and the ‘true’ story , called him out for his post. They said he put his ex-wife through a lot and she was the victim in the marriage. One friend threatened to expose what happened in the marriage but other friends asked him not to because the woman prefers to lead a private life.

Children, Child, Baby, Son, Daughter: Does David Hundeyin have a child? David Hundeyin didn’t reveal if his marriage to his ex wife produced any child.

Remarry, Remarried, New Wife, 2nd Marriage: Has David Hundeyin remarried? David Hundeyin has not remarried to another woman.

Educational Background: David Hundeyin attended Grange school (2003 – 2005), Oxbridge Tutorial College (2005 – 2007), University of Hull, Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and Media, Culture & Society (2008 – 2011).

David Hundeyin nysc

NYSC: David Hundeyin did his Youth service in 2013

Net Worth: David Hundeyin Net Worth is about $500,000 US Dollars.

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House, Cars: David Hundeyin lives in a nice house and drives nice cars.

Exile Story: David Hundeyin Is On Exile – David Hundeyin went on exile in 2020. He shared his Exile Story;

David Hundeyin Is On Exile
David Hundeyin shares Exile Story

I’ve been getting calls. I’ve been getting many calls, David. You have been writing things. Have you seen the SSS Headquarters in Abuja? It goes 7 storeys underground. When they put you inside there, even with these your glasses, you won’t be able to see anything.”

These remarks, delivered at a family function in 2019 with a smile and a laugh from the mouth of an uncle who had just retired from a top job at one of Nigeria’s security agencies, was the first time I ever received something that could be classified as a “threat.” At the time, I was no stranger to receiving angry feedback over my work.

Just a few weeks before, a daughter of Chief Festus Okotie-Eboh had obtained my number and called me angrily over a BusinessDay column which quoted historically verifiable accounts about him, including a quote from former Singaporean Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew. She then sent me a hagiography about her father written by Prof. Akinjide Osuntokun titled ‘Chief Festus Okotie-Eboh: In Time and Space.’

I never read beyond a few pages.

This however, was the first sign to me that the act of journalism was becoming an act of war in Major General Buhari’s Nigeria. Over the next 15 months, the events that would unfold, including a legislative and regulatory assault on freedom, a civilian massacre, and the creation of a list of “enemies of state” by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the State Security Service (SSS/DSS) would eventually culminate in an early morning illegal border crossing carrying only a rucksack and the clothes on my back. Before and after me would come several prominent individuals from the media and CSO space, all of us driven into exile by a murderous hostile regime occupying the only country we have ever called home.

Abacha-ism had found its way back into Aso Rock, and we were all going to caught up in its epicentre. I just didn’t know it yet.

The Private Sector Opening Salvoes

A problematic idea that I once had about the crackdown on press freedom in Nigeria was that it is exclusive to, or at least dominated by the government. As I began to find out in January 2020, this is not even close to true. That month, I published a story outlining mistreatment of employees at UBA and Dangote Group. The reaction came as a rude shock.

Around 16:30 on January 11, I received a call from someone who introduced himself as Ramon Nasir from UBA’s corporate communications department. He said that the bank’s CEO Kennedy Uzoka wanted us to “meet” at Alliance Francaise, Osborne Road, Ikoyi at 7PM. I spoke to my editor who advised me not to go, and I politely declined.

I then tweeted about the incident as a sort of personal insurance policy, after which Mr. Nasir called back angrily demanding that I take the tweet down and not mention the bank’s brand name. Feeling a bit alone and out of my depth at this point, I unwisely deleted the tweet before thinking it through. I then received a message from a security expert I am friends with telling me not to sleep at home and to change my address immediately, so I passed the ensuing two nights at my office.

I had a flight to Dubai lined up coincidentally for the 15th, so I went out on the 13th to change some money and go back into hiding. I ordered an Uber from my office, then located at 66, Daffodil Park, LSDPC Estate Scheme 4, Ogba, and an unusually new Toyota Camry with tinted windows showed up. I sensed something was amiss and the driver probably noticed my hesitance too. He immediately swung the car around and drove off hastily.

To cut a long story short, I got onto my Emirates flight on the 15th after hiding out at an Airbnb under an assumed name. I spent a week in Dubai monitoring the situation until I figured that it was safe to return, by which point I had postponed my return flight twice.

When I determined that it was safe to come back, I spent the next 7 months living on the move, changing Airbnbs weekly and never driving myself so as not to get spotted and linked to a vehicle that could be targeted. All of this was done under my native name ‘Nugboyon,’ so that nobody could link their Airbnb guest or Uber rider to the journalist “David Hundeyin.”

David Hundeyin Vs Pantami: David Hundeyin On Pantami – David Hundeyin had threatened to expose Isa Pantami on terrorism. David Hundeyin called on Pantami to resign as Minister.

David Hundeyin Vs Pantami
David Hundeyin Vs Pantami

On 14th April 2021, David Hundeyin had tweeted;

“Later today, I will be publishing a full and unredacted recording of a sermon delivered in Bauchi in 2006 by @DrIsaPantami where he openly praised the Afghan Taliban, Al Quaida and their quest to kill “unbelievers” and establish Sharia law.”

“This is a story about one of the most dangerous men in West Africa, @DrIsaPantami.

On the surface, Nigeria’s Minister of Communications projects an air of refined cosmopolitanism, but behind the veil lies a vicious and unrepentant Salafist jihadi.”

David Hundeyin On Channels TV: David Hundeyin was on Channels TV with Seun Okinbaloye and called on Pantami to resign as the Nigerian Minister for Communications.

Photo of David Hundeyin and Seun Okinbaloye on Channels TV
Photo of David Hundeyin and Seun Okinbaloye on Channels TV

“Pantami has not changed, the Ministry of Comms contracted an Islamic TV channel to stream an event by the Federal Republic of Nigeria…” – David Hundeyin (Freelance Journalist) on Alleged Extremist comment by Pantami

Phone Number, Contact, WhatsApp: David Hundeyin can be contacted via his social media accounts below:

Instagram: David Hundeyin Instagram Page Account Profile Handle davidhundeyin

Twitter: David Hundeyin is a popular Nigerian Twitter Influencer who currently has 60.2k followers on his Twitter account.