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Three Students Receive 27 And 3 Year Jail Terms For Killing Nigerian In Cyprus

Three Students Receive 27 And 3 Year Jail Terms For Killing Nigerian In Cyprus

Three people have been sentenced to prison in Cyprus for the murder of a Nigerian woman, Walshak Augustine Ngok.

On Monday, May 10, 2021, Court President Nüvit Gazi, Senior Judge?erife Kâtip, and Judge Umut?nan of the Lefkosa High Criminal Court delivered their verdict on the murder incident that occurred in Northern Cyprus in 2019.

Chrstopher Ezeh, a Nigerian, was sentenced to 27 years in prison, while Nana Nkansah, a Ghanaian, and Wayne Moyo, a Zimbabwean who assisted in the body transport, were each sentenced to three years.

After a battle, Christopher Ezeh admitted to killing Augustine, his roommate, and transporting his body to a forest area. It was learned that on the day of the incident, the perpetrator and the victim, both of whom had consumed alcohol, were dining with some friends in a Girne restaurant. However, they began to have disagreements over a daughter.

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And after some friends attempted to mediate a truce between them before the cops arrived, the two continued to clash when they returned home.

Christopher allegedly heavily beaten Walshak Augustine, knocking him out, and dragging him down the apartment stairs, where he proceeded to beat the weak Augustine.

Instead of going to the hospital, he allegedly took Augustine to the Haspolat- Taskent forest area and dumped him at the forest area’s entrance after noticing that he was no longer breathing.

Other convicts who were found guilty of causing someone else’s death as a result of imprudence and carelessness said that they couldn’t save Eze because of his anger.


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