Victim Narrates How SARS Detained Him For 48 Days To Lagos Panel Of Inquiry


Victim Of Sars Brutality, Agwu Abunike Narrates How SARS Detained Him For 48 Days To Lagos Panel Of Inquiry.


OKOLI Agwu Abunike, an occupant of Okokomaiko and father of five has described to the Judicial Panel of Inquiry and Restitution for casualties of SARS-related maltreatments in Lagos State that he was kept for 48 days by two officials of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the Lagos State lead representative had on October 19 initiated an 8-man Judicial Panel of Inquiry and Restitution to get and examine protests of police severity in Lagos. While having the main sitting on Tuesday, four instances of police mercilessness were referenced before the board drove by resigned Justice Doris Okuwobi yet just that of Abunike was heard by the board.

Abunike in the primary hearing with request number LASG/JPI/01/2020 said Inspector Sunday and ASP Haruna supposedly captured him, confined and tormented him on the sets of his supervisor who had blamed him for extortion.

Furthermore, He said the SARS didn’t just confine him for 48 days yet in addition sold his properties, consequently making him ruined and dehumanized, adding that he currently gets a wide range of things done so as to take care of his family.

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I worked for an organization for four and a half years as a chief. After my acquiescence, my supervisor welcomed me for the verification of my renunciation. At the point when I arrived, my supervisor had me captured by cops from Ojo police headquarters.


I was later taken to Ikeja police order where I was abused and mistreated by Inspector Sunday prevalently known as Baba Ijapa and ASP Haruna. I was named a fraudster and was beaten, seriously harmed, dehumanized and hauled all-around Alaba International Market. I was additionally taken to my congregation and disfavored before the assembly for an offence I thought nothing about,” says Abunike.

The dad of five said the SARS who were following up on the guidance of his supervisor confined him, held onto his home, sold his vehicle and even would not respect the court deciding that requested that they pay him N10 million.

“I was kept for 48 days and a basin loaded up with concrete was lashed at my back. I had wound everywhere on my body and two of my teeth were eliminated. The officials beat my better half and mother and they took steps to slaughter me on the off chance that I didn’t admit to stealing my organization’s asset. “They took all my property.

However, they held onto my home and offered my vehicle to compensate for the cash they said I had stolen. My supervisor additionally took steps to murder me in the event that I didn’t take care of all the cash I took. The case was taken before Hon Justice Ibrahim Buba of the Federal High Court and he granted harm of N10m against the police. In any case, somewhere in the range of 2016 and 2020, I have not seen anything.

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They have not conformed to the judgment. “They sold my territory and vehicle. Truth be told, the individual the land was offered to haul me under the watchful eye of a Magistrate Court in Badagry and the Magistrate remanded me in Kpotopiri jail for three days for my powerlessness to get together with N50,000 fine. Abunike, notwithstanding, spoke to the Lagos board to urge the SARS to respect the court judgment and return every one of his properties to him.


“I need to speak to this noteworthy board to force the police to respect the judgment of the court and return all my property or pay the harm since I have lost all that I presently live in getting things done for individuals to take care of my family.”