We saw no need to fortify NDA because it is just like any other school-CDS Lucky Irabor on the attack

Lucky Irabor, the Chief of Defence Staff, has spoken out about the attack on the Nigerian Defence Academy a few months ago. On Friday, November5, the CDS claimed on RadioNow’s Urgent Conversations that the NDA is similar to other schools and that there is no need to fortify it to “such a level that the liberty that is essential to be able to emplace the level of leadership, learning, and abilities is lost.”

Irabor described the crime as a “armed robbery strike on any unsuspecting individual,” admitting that he is embarrassed that they did not anticipate it. He also stated that it has no bearing on the military’s readiness to defend the country.

He stated,

“Haven’t we been attacked? “The fact that the NDA was attacked does not mean that we are not targeted on a daily basis. Do you have any idea how many attacks we’ve had to repel? “Who are the troops on the front lines attacking, the terrorist elements? Who have they attacked in the south-east? –police and military. “I would describe the attack on the NDA as an armed robbery attack on any innocent individual. That is, after all, a training facility. The fact that it is known as the Nigeria Defence Academy or military academy does not imply that it is any different from any other school. Of course, I was humiliated that we had not anticipated such a danger. NDA is not a location we believe we should fortify to the point where the freedom essential to place the degree of leadership, learning, and talents is lost. That is a lesson we have taken into account, but it in no way diminishes the military’s readiness to defend the country.”

He commented on the military presence in the South-East region, saying:

“The situation in the south-east is not quite as it appears on the surface. Of course, the military was present in this area, as it was in every other section of the country, even before the violence escalated. “When you hear that the military has risen in the southeast, we say no, you’re wrong; we’ve always been there,” he says. We have even less in terms of armed forces that we have had to send to reinforce the north-east and some parts of the north-west.”

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