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What is cut soap for me? Confused Erica asks her fans

What is cut soap for me? Confused Erica asks her fans

Erica, a well-known brand influencer and actress, is perplexed by the new slang circulating on social media, “Cut Soap For Me,” and asks fans what it really means.

Nigerians have a reputation for inventing new trends, so it was no surprise when the phrase “Cut Soap For Me” became popular on social media.

According to some Nigerians, the word literally refers to requesting that your partner show you the path to his personal success.

With many celebrities already using the slang, Erica took to her social media accounts to seek clarification from her followers.

According to the stunning screen diva, she is always perplexed by the slang’s mystery and would appreciate it if anyone could shed more light on it.

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