Why I Returned Missing $3,000 to Owner – Journalist

Mr Abdulkadir Shehu

Why I Returned Missing $3,000 to Owner – Journalist

Mr Abdulkadir Shehu, a journalist with Progress FM, a Gombe-based private radio station, said he returned the $3,000 he found along the road to its rightful owner because claiming it would be incorrect.

Shehu told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Gombe on Monday that he had less than N2000 on him when he returned the money.

“At the time, I was in desperate need of money because Kano had informed me that my son was ill and needed to be checked for kidney and liver diseases at the hospital.

“ They were unable to proceed with the test due to a lack of funds.

He said, “My son is still under medical supervision, but I will try to get the N35,000 for the test on Tuesday.”

Shehu emphasized that poverty could not be used as an excuse for someone to do wrong and that challenges put a person’s integrity to the test.

“We should always set an example for ourselves by being honest for the good of our society.”

Shehu stated that he never thought of using the money for his personal needs, “because it was not mine.’’

“If I touch the money, Allah will Judge me; in Islam, the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, told us that whoever finds a missing thing in the city, must seek its owner for a year.’’

“I was going to the office from my house about 7 a.m. on Wednesday when I saw an envelope on the lane, which I opened and discovered some currencies in US dollars,” Shehu said.

“I put the envelope inside my bag and when I got to the office, I counted the content which was 3,000 dolars.

“I told some of my colleagues but didn’t disclose the amount and currency.

“So I began to announce on the radio that whoever lost money along so so area, the money has been found and should call a particular mobile number.

“The owner called, crying profusely, described the location he lost the money, what the money was rapped with, the total amount, and so on. So I handed over the money to him after a satisfactory explanation.”

Shehu went on to say that after the radio announcement, about 50 people called in to claim ownership of the money, but none of them gave the correct amount.

“This to me showed that there is a problem of selfishness amongst some people.’’(NAN)

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