Your Virginity Is Not For Sale, It Can Give You The World

Your Virginity Is Not For Sale, It Can Give You The World

Your Virginity Is Not For Sale, It Can Give You The World

Dear Madam Temilolu, I always smile anytime I read through your write-ups because I’ve been on the road of sex outside marriage before and there was actually no pleasant change in my life until I made a vow to stay chaste until my bride price is paid! I’m no longer a virgin and I’m a single mother but guess what ma? It doesn’t stop me from keeping to my decision and manifesting my God-given potentials. I can boldly say God has been so faithful to me ever since I took that decision. Thank you ma because I know and understand the mystery you are trying to make girls see. May God bless you real good! A woman is actually a spiritual house and the earlier the girls are made to realise this, the better. I hope the girls you write for will understand this before they have fatal accidents in their life’s journey which could derail their destinies. I thank God I discovered this on time and I must say life is a lot better for me.

Miss Rachael

Dear Aunty Temilolu,

I am among the luckiest girls to have an encounter with you. Thanks so much ma for teaching millions of girls the way to a greater and promising future. Your column in the newspaper and on Facebook made me discover myself. It’s like a shining light in my path leading me to a perfect destination as I’m still a virgin at 26. God bless you ma!

Joseph Happiness, 26

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Dear Sis. Temilolu,

I’m a secondary virgin. If I had known, I wouldn’t even have gotten deflowered and I regret not being a virgin. We didn’t have a close-knit relationship with our mum. When I was a teenager, I was molested and I can’t forget the person till date. I have abstained from sexual intercourse since and I have had to decline job offers because I refuse to sleep with my potential employers. Right now, I have no job but I know God Almighty will make a way for me. Thanks for your encouraging words always. It has helped me a lot. God bless you ma!


Dear Mummy Temilolu,

Thanks for your inspirational articles on the importance of preserving one’s virginity till marriage! However, I have a question for you! What happens to a girl who has no financial support from home because of her father’s demise and her mother can barely afford to get enough to feed and then a guy promises to help pay her school fees and provide other necessities- can a virgin-girl date him?


My dearest Busayo and other Nigerian girls,

I would be very correct to say Busayo is experiencing what an average Nigerian girl is experiencing today and my worry is it’s just going to get worse because of the bad economy-a major reason why intending parents MUST plan well before they bring children into the world! It would only take fierce determination and being possessed by the spirit of God not to practically “sell yourself” to even have enough food to eat and clothes to wear, least of all have a man who will be there for you always- not even at a time when females are competing for the attention of men and giving them cheap access to their bodies! But you know what? It’s the wrongest and most destructive way to go! Not only are you giving the devil the reins of your life, you will also be disrespecting the temple of the Holy Spirit- the powerhouse of God. Whose support does your entire existence on earth need to start with, if not the power of God? Or don’t you know premarital sex is defiling the temple of the Holy Spirit? This guy will sweep you off your feet, take care of you like no man’s business to start with and in fact, you’d be the one chasing him to sleep with you! Who knows if he just wants to have a taste of what no man has touched and then dump you? I don’t know how I want to teach you to delay gratification as it would take some personal conviction for you to believe me when I tell you what you want right now can be delayed for far better opportunities to come without trouble. But for a virgin-girl to get into a romantic relationship with a man because he promised to see her through school etc- you might as well be preparing yourself for a journey that may appear to be “heaven on earth” at first but land you inside “hell on earth.”

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To be continued.

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