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RSS Namespace Extension for Podcast


A wholistic RSS namespace for podcasting that’s meant to synthesize the fragmented world of podcast namespaces. As substances are canonized, they’re going to be added to this doc so developers can birth implementation. The specifications below are regarded as as locked and the crew will prioritize backward compatibility. We are running below the Guidelines for Requirements-Makers.

If your application generates RSS feeds and you implement one or extra substances below, you’ll must hyperlink this DTD to your XML.

Every tag below exists in the podcast namespace within the required dad or mum. All attributes are required except explicitly specified as non-necessary.


This tag is archaic to hyperlink to a transcript or closed captions file. A couple of tags would be show mask for extra than one transcript formats.

Father or mother


url: URL of the podcast transcript

model: Mime model of the file such
as textual utter/easy, textual utter/html, application/srt, application/json

language (non-necessary): The language of the linked transcript. If there is now not any language attribute given, the linked file is idea to be the identical language that’s
specified by the RSS ingredient.

rel (non-necessary): If the rel=”captions” attribute is show mask, the linked file is regarded as as to be a closed captions file, no topic what the mime model is. In that scenario, time codes are assumed to be show mask in the file in some capability.



This tag could well additionally merely be salvage 22 situation to yes or no. The reason is to command completely different podcast platforms whether or not they’re allowed to import this feed. A imprint of yes technique that any are attempting to import this feed into a brand new platform can fill to calm be rejected. It’s anticipated that podcast web web hosting suppliers will enable a toggle of their GUI to permit their customers to turn feed transfer lock on or off.

Father or mother


proprietor: The proprietor attribute is an electronic mail contend with that would be archaic to substantiate ownership of this feed at some stage in pass and import operations. This in most cases is a public electronic mail or a digital electronic mail contend with at the web web hosting provider that redirects to the proprietor’s honest electronic mail contend with. Here is a essential ingredient, and it is anticipated that podcast web web hosting suppliers (if no longer offering digital addresses) will permit setting this ingredient’s worth of their GUI with an emphasis to their customers of how necessary it is to fill this be a sound, working electronic mail contend with.




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