Australia to produce seaweed cattle feed that reduces methane emissions by 80%

NewsNew company to reduce cows’ methane using feed additive made from the seaweed22 September 2020 Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO announced the formation of a new company to take a methane-busting seaweed to market, with $13 million secured from five investors.FutureFeed Pty Ltd will commercialise a livestock feed additive made from the seaweed Asparagopsis, which…

Square Crypto Launched

Bitcoin is the best money. It should be used like it. We build and fund free, open-source projects aimed at making bitcoin the planet’s preferred currency.Latest UpdatesSquare Crypto GrantsWe can’t hire every bitcoin developer and designer. But we can financially support those with the vision to bring something special to bitcoin.Organization GrantsBTCPay ServerOur first grant…

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The Need for Stable Foundations in Software Development

My employer was kind enough to provide me with a top of the line MacBook Pro. It’s a beautiful machine with 6 CPU cores, 32GB of RAM and a 4K display, the most powerful laptop I’ve ever owned and a valuable tool in working from home. However, unfortunately, the slick machine suffers from a number…

Bold for Delphi Is Open Source

By publishing the source code of Bold for Delphi with an MIT license at https://github.com/Embarcadero/BoldForDelphi, Embarcadero has officially made the Bold for Delphi library an open source project. What is Bold (And Some History) Bold is a tool in the MDA (Model Driven Architecture) space, which allows you to start with an UML model of…

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